simpleshow interactive recognized at Deauville Green Awards

simpleshow, the global explainer video platform, has received recognition for a virtual home tour that imparts simple ways to use less energy at home.


JUNE 28, 2021 — simpleshow, the premier global platform for products and services around explainer videos, has received a Silver Annee Award at the 2021 Deauville Green Awards for its interactive animated home, titled “Green Living.” 


Aaron Alpert, simpleshow’s Creative Director, shares that:

“The mission of simpleshow is to simplify complex information, and understanding how to positively impact climate change is a complex and scary topic faced by people all over the world. We wanted to show ways anyone can help to fight it. Our goal was to create an educational resource that was engaging, approachable, inspiring, and that would make a difference. ”     


The virtual home tour touches on eight common areas of the home where energy consumption can be reduced. They range from simple actionable tips like turning off the lights when leaving a room, to others that require more planning, such as having an energy audit performed on an HVAC unit. The aim of the educational course was to demonstrate that everyday swaps can have a collective impact on consumption. The material is simplified in a method that makes it clearly understandable by children, seniors, and everyone in between. 


simpleshow interactive is a branch of the simpleshow platform that focuses on creating custom e-learning courses for Fortune 500 companies. Their award winning interactive courses help communicate complex concepts, such as pharmaceuticals or medical devices, business processes or products. Additional recent accolades include winning the Custom Content/Program Development category from Training Magazine and a Brandon Hall Gold Award for a sales training course designed with Colgate-Palmolive.


About simpleshow: simpleshow is the pioneer platform for digital products and services around explainer videos. Guided by the mission to make modern communication simple and concise, the market leader enables everyone to explain a complex topic very simply. The artificial intelligence of the SaaS solution simpleshow video maker supports the user in creating a professional explainer video with just a few clicks. A magic that is based on the experience of tens of thousands of video and eLearning productions in over 50 languages. The simpleshow team serves clients from offices in Berlin, Luxembourg, London, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Large international companies value simpleshow as a partner for simple explanations.


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