Motion pictures that last: International companies choose explainer videos for their compliance campaigns

Many of the world’s largest and most successful companies firmly believe that sustainable company growth requires integrity. The United Nations, too, is taking up the cause of anti-corruption, sustainability and social responsibility in the corporate sphere through the UN Global Compact, a strategic initiative calling upon companies to step up and do their part. But it isn’t enough for executives to stand by principles. The entire staff must be on the same page. That is a tricky proposition, because announcing values, standards and rules can come off as condescending and pedantic. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

More and more companies now rely on explainer videos as their medium of choice for making complex content memorable, meaningful, and charming. simpleshow, the market leader and specialist in explainer videos, has proven with thousands of clips that any message can be explained in three minutes, no matter how complicated. Compliance is no exception.

“Conveying a moral code of conduct is a communication challenge requiring the audience’s undivided attention,” says Jens Schmelzle, one of simpleshow’s co-founders. Recognising this, many companies have come to depend on the explanation experts™’ savvy and their unique, scientifically researched methodology.

Volkswagen, for instance, turned to simpleshow for help communicating its internal compliance campaign. The outcome was a video produced in nine languages that explained to VW employees from 35 countries why abiding by the rules is so important and how everyone can be personally involved. The key was using memorable images, clear messages and a sense of humour that the target audience could relate to. That’s how to communicate core messages across cultures and countries: by keeping things as fun, accessible and simple as ever.

About simpleshow:
simpleshow is the market leader in explainer videos. Since its founding in 2008, the company has produced several thousand videos for customers in more than 50 languages – including global players such as Microsoft, eBay, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank and Novartis. simpleshow has made a name for itself with its iconic illustrated “papermation” technique. Today, the company offers several explainer videos formats that convey complex subject matter in a short and engaging manner. All team members undergo a rigorous training process at the in-house academy. simpleshow has more than 100 employees based in Berlin, Stuttgart, Luxembourg, London, Valencia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Miami.