A non-designer’s guide to creating visual impact

Did you know that our brains retain 65% of a message paired with a visual as compared to 10% of a text-only message? But how do you create visually appealing content that delivers your message just right?

Download our non-designer’s guide and get access to easy-to-implement visual and design strategies for creating engaging and easy-to-understand documents, presentations, and videos.

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In this guide, you will find...

Concrete examples of visually appealing documents and presentations
Pro tips for creating content that is visually attractive, amplifies your message, and makes your communication more memorable

Make sure your audience remembers your message

It’s getting harder and harder to share information that is actually impactful and resonates with your audience. Adding visuals can help you make your communication more memorable and engaging.

This guide will give you the knowledge and tools you need to transform your communication – even if you’re not a professional designer!

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