Home office with kids

Our video explains how to balance work and childcare well

Schools and kindergartens are closing down, children are staying at home, and many parents are working from home too. Get some helpful tips on how to balance work and childcare well and watch this video.

Adjusting to a new day to day routine can be challenging. That’s why we came up with some helpful tips on how to balance your work life and caring for your children. Get the best tips for home office with kids.
Watch this simpleshow video and learn:
– How to establish and keep to a schedule filled with varied activities
– How to make time for important phone calls and virtual meetings
– How to join forces with your partner to share the workload
– How to carve out some time to relax.
For a nice break in between learning activities for your kids, try the simpleshow colouring book – featuring child friendly illustrations on the subject of spring and wild animals.

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Home-Office mit Kindern home office with kids coronavirus

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