What does “Timing engine warning” mean?

When you preview your video, you may see a badge that says “Timing engine warning”, which is related to your currently visible scene. This means that the Timing Engine has recognized that you may want to make adjustments to your video. 

This could happen if:

  • You uploaded/recorded a voice-over that doesn’t contain any words.
  • You use a project or project copy with an older upload or recording (added before 10th August 2022). In this case, we haven’t analyzed your audio yet. Just re-record or re-upload your voice.
  • You used the full upload mode, and your words couldn’t be understood, the scene before had a warning, or there weren’t sufficient pauses between your scenes.

In any of those cases, make sure you like how video and audio are synchronized. If the results are fine for you, you can safely ignore the hint.