How to use closing frames?

You would like to show your logo and contact information at the end of your simpleshow?

Awesome, we’ll provide you with 3 different templates for that. You can edit these templates, save and share them with your team members.


Closing frames in the Visualize stage

At the end of the Visualize stage, you’ll find our closing-frames section. You can edit most of them them by adding an image or text.


Create closing frame templates

In the video settings section, you can create and edit closing frames as well as share them with your team. To access this feature, please go to video settings. Choose a template and upload your image or text. Now you can save your closing frame. Afterwards, you’ll also find your closing frame as a template in the Visualize stage.

You can also share closing frames with your team. If necessary, you can protect them from being edited by clicking the lock symbol.