How do I write a great script

It has never been easier to write your own script. The quality of your script is the key to a successful explainer video.

At first, think about how to structure your video. The storyline template will guide you through the process.



Think about your audience:

Change your perspective! Keep in mind staying relevant for your audience. Your and their interests may differ:


  1. Which knowledge does your audience have?
  2. Is your topic difficult to understand?
  3. Do they know the technical terms and foreign words?
  4. Can your audience identify with the story?
  5. Is all information relevant to them?

7.2 Audience

Give your audience an overview:

Make your audience understand the big picture first. Afterwards, you can add details much easier and more effectively.


Use simple language:

Avoid technical terms, terminology, and special short forms.


Use short sentences:

The easier your audience can understand your text, the more successful your explainer video will be.

Think about 2 things:

 – Will my audience understand the text while listening to it?

 – Is my text easy to pronounce?


If your text it not easy, try to simplify it. Don’t use loanwords or difficult technical terms.


Use Characters:

Introduce a main character to your story. It will help your audience to identify with the topic and story.

The character might have a problem or is stuck in a situation which could be solved. You can introduce a second character who is helping the first one or the other way round.

That brings your script to life!


Here’s our cheat sheet for you:

  1. Build a structure
  2. What’s the essence of your story?
  3. Regardless the context of your explanation, you should always put your audience first.
  4. Use the 5 rules of explanation.
  5. Use short sentences.
  6. Use simple language.