Which option is the best for my custom voice-over? Recording, scene upload, full upload?

The easiest and most time-efficient way to record your voice is to use the voice recording feature within simpleshow video maker

For those users with advanced knowledge of audio files and who do not want to record in simpleshow video maker, uploading scene by scene is the best option. You’ll need to record your script externally and upload the files, scene-by-scene, and the Timing Engine will then adjust your video to flow with your voice. 

The third option is to record the entire script externally and upload one file for your video. When choosing this option, the Timing Engine feature is less effective and if you are not satisfied with the flow of your video, we recommend using one of the other options. 

Have a little patience until you watch the video preview. It can take up to two minutes for uploaded audio files to be processed.