Health & Safety Client Story

Microlearning videos reshape safety education

Eastman Chemical knows that when it comes to safety, every employee’s well-being matters. That’s why they pivoted away from PowerPoint presentations and implemented a new video communication strategy. Creating easily shareable and thought-provoking videos has allowed them to simplify safety information in a way that is easily understood, and makes training more efficient.

About Eastman Chemical

Founded in 1920, Eastman Chemical is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With the purpose of enhancing the quality of life in a material way, Eastman works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

HQ Location:

Kingsport, Tennessee



Company Size:

14,500+ employees


Specialty Chemicals

Challenge: Making safety a top-of-mind priority

At Eastman Chemical, the safety of their employees takes center stage. The team knew that to keep everyone safe they needed to ensure that safety was top-of-mind for every employee. However, traditional training methods were driving low engagement.

To ensure workplace safety was a priority for every employee, Eastman Chemical needed to create a new and engaging way to showcase important safety topics and tips. Their goal was to empower employees not just with knowledge but with the ability to effortlessly revisit and share this vital information, fostering a culture where safety is ingrained, shared, and continuously reinforced.

Solution: Reinventing the way safety information is communicated with video

To meet the goals of this new initiative, Eastman Chemical partnered with simpleshow and embarked on a mission to not only emphasize the significance of safety regularly but to make it an engaging and dynamic experience. Out with the old (lengthly PowerPoint presentations) and in with the new (short and engaging microlearning videos!).

The new video strategy would be used for employee coaching, on-the-job training, communicating work streams, and general employee communication.

One specific example of this strategy that has been extremely successful is a video series called Ergo Talks. Ergo Talks are short, friendly videos about different ergonomic recommendations that employees can use to reduce the risk of workplace-related injuries. These videos are now used to kickstart meetings and employees now expect to see them.

Impact: Successfully creating a culture of safety at Eastman Chemical

The introduction of these microlearning videos has gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from both management and employees alike. The videos have been so well received, they are now being shown on loops in breakrooms company-wide.

Employees appreciate that the videos are easy to understand, even for those less familiar with the content. Easy accessibility of the videos has significantly enhanced employee’s ability to recall and apply the information presented.

The simplicity of the videos and the creation process has made it extremely easy to make the video communication strategy a success. When Eastman Chemical first started creating videos with simpleshow, they had a goal of creating 10 videos in the first year. Not only did they meet that goal, but far exceeded it. In the Ergo Talks series alone, they created 25 videos.
“simpleshow video maker provides an easy and efficient means of delivering information. For example, we have successfully developed a library of health and safety videos that are shared in a variety of ways, including start-of-shift and shift-change-over meetings in our manufacturing areas.”
Laramie Lock MS, GSP
Ergonomics Program Leader

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