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Transformative program launch using explainer videos

Dexcom implemented a great Supplier Diversity Program that was designed to promote the inclusion of diverse businesses in the procurement process. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness and general understanding of the initiative was making it impossible to get it off the ground. Collaborating with simpleshow, Dexcom was able to create an engaging video that brought the program to life.

About Dexcom

Dexcom is a pioneer in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Since 1999, they have developed innovative technology that has transformed how people manage diabetes. Dexcom products are part of people’s daily lives, empowering them to live confidently and feel more in control, free to pursue their dreams.

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San Diego, CA


Medical Device

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8,000 +


Diabetes Management

The simpleshow video has made a significant impact on the awareness and adoption of the Supplier Diversity Program.

Increasing program awareness
At Dexcom, diversity is a fundamental part of the corporate values and business culture. To promote the inclusion of diverse businesses (minority-owned, LGBTQ+, small disadvantaged businesses, women, veterans, and people with disabilities) in the procurement process, they launched the Supplier Diversity program. This program encouraged employees to consider underrepresented communities throughout the procurement process.

The program was introduced in 2021 and from the start employee engagement was low. Initially, information about the program was communicated via a narrated PowerPoint, and although it was part of training, the content of the presentation was not resonating and employees were not adopting the program how Dexcom had hoped.

Employees were used to sourcing on their own, and adopting this program changed the procurement process requiring them to collaborate with the Diversity & Sustainability team.

To make the new program successful, the team needed to find a way to get employees engaged and excited.
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Solution: Reinforcing the importance of change with video

Recognizing that the PowerPoint presentation was not resonating with employees, Elwyn Monroe, Sr. Manager of Supplier Risk, Diversity & Sustainability, turned to simpleshow for a more engaging solution. With simpleshow’s support, he created a video that easily explained the program and its importance. The video reinforced the core values of the company and showed employees how easy it is to work with the Diversity & Sustainability team throughout the procurement process.

By hosting the video on their internal training platform, the video could be easily shared with those impacted by the opportunity to use diverse suppliers, and management was able to confirm that the employees had watched it.

Impact: Successfully expanding the Supplier Diversity program

The simpleshow video has made a significant impact on the awareness and adoption of the Supplier Diversity Program. Once employees paid attention and realized how easy it was to incorporate the program into the procurement process, the program gained momentum and continues to grow.

Before using simpleshow, Dexcom’s diverse spending only represented 2% of their total business. With the help of the training video, participation grew driving the end percentage from 2% to 3% in 2023. In the future, Mr. Monroe believes Dexcom will continue to see an increase in the number of diverse businesses being utilized, and is working towards making diversity in procurement a standard practice.

"One of the biggest takeaways is people think it takes a long time to create videos, but it really doesn't, it only took an hour from start to finish! It gives the appearance that it's really elaborate and professional but it's so simple to create!"

Elwyn Monroe
Sr. Manager Supplier Risk, Diversity & Sustainability – Global Procurement

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