Workplace Gamification Using Video

When injecting fun into the everyday routine, engagement and innovation increase, resulting in increased productivity. Gamification is about redesigning routines and tasks to be more game-like and interactive. This ultimately enhances work experiences to be more engaging, fulfilling, fun and productive. Companies that employ the same techniques that game designers use to keep players interested will achieve the engagement needed for the transformation of their business.

Common gamification trends include the creation of a leader board with prizes to motivate individuals or teams, or the accumulation of a certain amount of points, badges, stickers, or awards. Employees may also be given ‘missions’- a series of tasks or achievements needed in order to get those awards, badges, stickers, or points. In these ways, employees’ efforts are recognised, encouraging workers to perform optimally.

Mysimpleshow as a gaming tool

The use of mysimpleshow as a gaming tool has the potential to enhance collaboration and team building, as well as inform workers of company practices and convey new information. It also has the potential to build leadership skills, while still having fun with the gaming aspect of the tool.


1) Gamification using video as a tool helps better educate employees about policies, work-related knowledge and other essential pieces of information

-Management can create a mysimpleshow video to communicate company policy, new company guidelines, or even create a series, explaining different elements that they want employees to be familiar with. A short quiz about the content may accompany each video. Employees who have seen a particular video and completed the quiz successfully get a badge to indicate that they are familiar with the concept explained in the video. Alternatively, they may complete a sticker-chart as they progress through the series of videos.

-Draw attention to an issue of importance by challenging departments to create videos about the concern. Give prizes for videos that encapsulate the issue the best. The same may be done with leadership issues within the company, and managers can compete with each other to create the best video about an issue that concerns leadership.

-Employees can make fun videos with mysimpleshow to share innovative ideas with colleagues. For example, each department gets a chance to create a video to communicate a company “truth” (a policy, mission statement, unwritten rule, etc.) to the rest of the workforce on a weekly basis, and a winner is announced at the end of the period.

2) Work related skills can be emphasized through the creation of myss videos

-Watch myss videos on certain leadership qualities (or other skills) and let employees rank them in order of relevance in the company. Rewards go to those whose final ranking order agrees with how the company ranks the same leadership qualities.


3) Gamification using myss can give employees a sense of accomplishment by employees being able to participate in the creation of something fun, engaging and challenging

-Create a culture of care by encouraging individuals with videos that are specifically created to glorify the individual. For example, employees may create happy birthday videos for colleagues, or exceptional performance videos that praise the individual for their efforts. Colleagues contribute to a weekly script and create a video that highlights all the admirable qualities of their other colleagues.

-Announce top performers using video, offer advice, and discuss how they manage to be at the top of their game.

4) Gamification with videos can enhance collaboration and communication within your company

-Departments may have internal contests for the best video on a new corporate procedure. An awards-chart can be kept on the wall to show who has the most wins!

-Marketing teams may create videos to present new marketing ideas – whatever team has the best video “wins” the control of the marketing campaign.

-To encourage competition and productivity, teams or individuals can create informative videos on specific work-related issues. The most creative, informative videos created in the shortest amount of time are rewarded.

Are you convinced that gamification with video is one of the best ways to increase productivity at work? Time to play the game 😉