A man sits at a desk and creates a simpleshow video.

Why a simpleshow explainer video is so efficient

When asking ourselves how to fix a bike, make sushi, or get the perfect smoky eyes, most of us would rather watch a tutorial video on YouTube, than read long instructions.


What about you? If it was your decision whether to read pages and pages of text or to watch a 3 minute explainer video, which would you prefer?


why a simpleshow explainer video is so efficient


You see, videos are the most popular format when it comes to seeking information.


But that doesn’t mean all videos are good explainer videos. Do you know the situation when you have to wind back over and over again because you really don’t get it? Or you’re woken up by your own snoring because the plot doesn’t really lead to the point?


Yes, there are some things one should keep in mind when creating videos that need to explain complex subjects effectively. A simpleshow explainer video follows 5 main rules, and I want to share them with you. Here we go:


1. Simplicity vs. Complexity

labyrinth - simpleshow explainer video keeps it simple

It’s a tough challenge to keep it simple and short, to decide which information is relevant and which can be left out. Nevertheless, the simplification of a message is the most important part when creating an efficient explainer video.


2. The Maximum of 3 Minutes

a simpleshow explainer video is 3 minutes long at max

Imagine: The average retention period on web pages was twelve seconds in 2002. In 2012 it was just eight seconds. So today it might be even less. Due to digitization and the amount of information channels we are exposed to, our attention spans have decreased. That’s why a simpleshow explainer video has a maximum of three minutes, to make sure it fits the “time budget” of consumers.


3. Change of Perspective

a simpleshow explainer video takes your audience's perspective

Empathize with the target group: What’s their situation? What problem do they have? That’s when the protagonist of the explainer video steps into the spotlight. He or she represents your target group / your audience and creates identification, sympathy, and trust, which will make your message get heard!


4. The Power of Images

a simpleshow explainer video uses the power of images

90% of the information we absorb is visual. That’s why our brain converts symbols and images into information 60,000 times faster than it does with bare text. So use this power by creating a video with strong images and meaningful symbols.


5. Facts bore, Stories sell

a simpleshow explainer video always uses storytelling

This might sound familiar to you as “storytelling” became THE buzzword in today’s communication world. But quite rightly. While pure facts are hard to remember, a story always creates images, and therefore emotions, that will stick in your head as a lasting memory. And what could be more efficient than that?


Now that you know the rules, you’re perfectly prepared to create your own simpleshow explainer video, right? mysimpleshow will make it easy for you to create your own explainer video in just a few minutes. So ready, steady, explain!