An employee creating a video with simpleshow video maker.

Who wants to take a peek at hardworking men…

While our office in Berlin is still aspiring to grow larger and stronger, Stuttgart already has! The overflow of new Freelancers, Web developers and Project Managers here is rapidly causing us to battle for chairs. That’s why, in mid july, the whole postproduction battalion is packing their bags and moving to their new working stations down in the basement.

And, so that it will be nice and cozy down there, the construction is in full swing. Of course we thought about the need to communicate to our postproduction battalion in the future, thus, for the past few days the electric cables have been being laid. Up until now we haven’t been fully aware of the construction, but since the electricians seized our conference room for couple of days, we have been made aware. In the end the whole cable mess turned out to be 12 ten meters long cables, connecting us to the future cutter kingdom.