A phone a tablet and a computer displaying space graphics.

What is Nearfield Communication (NFC)?

There will be seven exhibitors marketing a new technology suitable for everyday use known as “near field communication” (NFC for short) at this year’s CeBIT in Hanover alone (5-9 March). I wondered “What’s this all about? Is this technology any use to me too?” It has something to do with cashless payment, as I discover…
So if I happen to have no cash on me, I can use my Smartphone equipped with the NFC technology to make a payment?! Sounds great, doesn’t it?
You can see in this explanatory video how such a scenario might look in our everyday life and how personal data is thereby protected!

It is constantly astounding to see how the “wheel” – (in this case, the payment method 😉 can sometimes indeed be reinvented – don’t you agree? Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or even experiences concerning nfc on our facebook fan page
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Kristin from the simpleshow team