What is Graphene?

Since Konstantin Novoselov and André Geim were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics thanks to their discovery of the material graphene, the two-dimensional material has proved its worth as a real all-rounder! Researchers are currently testing its use in super capacitors and batteries, for water filtration, as a distillator and as a sealant. Amidst these wide ranging applications, with all manner of important and comprehensive testing going on, it is great to have some exciting news to report. The ‘Graphene Flagship’ research initiative has won one billion euros for research and development! This creates new jobs in the EU and stimulates economic growth.

simpleshow has been supporting the Graphene Flagship since 2011 producing a simpleshow video to assist with its communication. The Nobel Prize winner Novoselov is certainly convinced: “The concept and the platform of the simpleshow are indeed extremely powerful and capable of tackling the most complex tasks. It is impressive to see the ease with which simpleshow explained the most complex physical phenomena and most challenging future applications, some of which don’t even exist.” Here is a little impression from the official handing over in Brussels: This simpleshow will show you what makes this material so unique and what it can be used for:

The simpleshow team says: ‘Congratulations’!!