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Welcome to tax paradise!

Since there seems to be so much upheaval on the subject of ‘tax havens’, we decided to delve into the mechanics of how they actually work. There’s no doubt that international tax law is a complex thing. Every country outside the EU has a different rate of income tax. For the bold and the shrewd, it’s easy to find loop holes in the system, with the goal of avoiding these high tax burdens. simpleshow has put together a short explainer video to reveal just how so many corporate blue-chips and wealthy individuals are able to manipulate the system and save such vast amounts of cash. Enjoy!

So, international tax law needs re-structuring, that’s pretty obvious. We reform the laws and we put a stop to tax-avoidance. Simple. But don’t hold your breath; it certainly won’t happen overnight!
So there is no more time to waste to reform the international tax law. But experience has shown that this probably takes quite a while.
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