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8 Ways to Keep Potential Customers on Your Landing Page Longer with the Help of a Video

good tutorial service for landing pageLet’s start by making something very clear: the attention span of an average Internet user is NOT impressive. We’ll stay away from that “8 second attention span” claim, since it’s been overdone by this point. You can get the attention of your audience for longer than 8 seconds. The truth is that you’ll have to work for it. Most website owners will hire a custom essay writing service to get better content for their landing pages. But maybe that’s not enough.

Have you ever considered engaging your audience through video content?


Why Is Video Effective for Grabbing and Holding Someone’s Attention?

When you’re wondering how to keep a visitor on the landing page for longer and convert them into paying customers, you have to focus on a few things:

Keep the page simple, organized, and minimalistic

Get all the valuable information above the fold

Provide visual content, so you won’t overwhelm the visitor with text

Include a clear call to action

Trigger comments

Add some SEO into the mix

video for landing pagesIf you think about it, you can do all these things with a single video. Since you’ll provide a lot of information in it, you’ll keep the page shorter and you won’t provide an overwhelming volume of text. The visitor will see the video right away, so they will get the most important information above the fold. They won’t need to scroll down the page. The video gives you a lot of space for a clear call to action. You can invite visitors to join the discussion.

As for search engine optimization, that’s what the video description is for. Plus, you can always use a college paper service to complement the video with optimized text. You’re not limited solely to video. It’s your landing page, so you can include other types of content on it. Text and video make the perfect combination for grabbing the visitor’s attention and attracting visits through the search engine.


How to Use Video to Keep a Visitor Longer on the Landing Page


1. Keep the Video Short

short video for landing pageWhat kind of an oxymoron is this? You’re trying to keep visitors longer at your page, and we’re telling you to make the video short? Let’s clear up the confusion. If an average visitor gives your landing page only a few seconds, keeping them there for five minutes with a video is still something. It’s a lot. In fact, five minutes may be too much. Statistics show that only 2% of business videos are between 10 and 20 minutes long. For your landing page, you should aim for 30-60 seconds. If you don’t give out the most important information within the first 10 seconds, most visitors will bounce off your site. If they see that the video is short and you grab their attention with relevant information right from the start, you’ll keep them by the end.


2. Connect It to Another Landing Page

link to landing pageLet’s say you run an online school of etiquette. You need a landing page that would convince visitors to sign up for your school. Video content would perfectly capture your point. You won’t just describe the importance of etiquette through text. You’ll show it through different situations. But what if you have several points to make and you can’t cover them all in a one-minute explainer video? The answer is simple: you’ll create multiple short videos for several landing pages. You’ll connect the content with internal links. It’s how you’ll keep your visitors browsing through the website to find out more about what you offer.


3. Produce High-Quality Video Content

quality videos for landing pageThat’s the only way to go. Forget about using your laptop’s camera to film a video from your living room. Just as you invest in high-quality web design (hopefully), you should invest money and effort into the quality of the videos as well. If you’re going to film the video alone, get an HD camera. Then, use a great program to edit it to perfection. Include a nice soundtrack, which will add to the appeal. If you’re on a budget, you can consider getting an animated video created. That won’t require any recording equipment. Although this doesn’t require recording equipment, it’s still a graphic design and video editing challenge. You can hire a team to create this type of video, which will convey your brand’s voice.


4. The Design of the Page Should Revolve around the Video

You can still hire a “write my essay” service to provide textual content for your landing page. Text still holds its value, especially when it comes to SEO. Some people like reading the description before they decide if they want to watch the video or not. However, the text shouldn’t be on a pedestal. The video takes that spot. All elements of the landing page should be designed in such a way that they draw attention to the video. Here’s how you’ll achieve that effect:

Keep the textual content short. Remove all the clutter. You don’t need headers, since the content will be brief and without any elements that would attract the visitor’s eye.

Remove the sidebars.

Include a graphic that invites the visitor to play the video. It can be in the thumbnail.

Keep the video above the fold, and provide the text below it.

Remember: the video is the start of your show.

good show for videos on landing pages

5. Make the Thumbnail Perfect

The video’s thumbnail is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. It should grasp the essential message of your video, but it should also be fun. Put a lot of thought into this detail! The thumbnail can feature a funny shot of the content, but it should also include a call to action.


6. Feature Yourself or Member of Your Team

If this is the first time for someone to land at your website, they don’t know you. They may consider the conversion, but they are more likely to do it if they know who stands behind this business. When filming videos, you should use the opportunity to feature yourself in them. A member from your team will also do the trick. With this approach, you’ll give the human voice and face to your presentation. You’ll increase the level of trust between you and your audience.


7. The Script Has to Be Perfect

a good script for videos for the landing pageLet’s say a visitor comes at your landing pages and decides to watch the video. The last thing they expect is to listen to someone who can’t speak fluently. Mumbling and waiting for an idea to strike while you speak is out of the question. Have your script ready. The professional writers from Dissertation-Today.com can help you make it engaging. Practice your speech and body language before you start filming.


8. Speak to the Viewer

Your goal is to develop a connection with your consumers. They should feel familiar to you. That’s why you should abandon the official tone. Imagine you’re talking to real people – your target audience. Address the viewer directly!


Get Ready to Film and Edit!

Videos are a lot of work. If you’re doing well with text on your landing pages, you may start wondering: why bother with more complex content? The opportunity to achieve a better conversion rate should be convincing enough.


About the author Michael Gorman:

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