A powerpoint window.

Import your PowerPoint file and create your video simpler and faster than ever

Hey video makers! We’ve come up with a new way to impact and engage your audience. 


Telling stories through videos is a mission of ours, and we’ve learned how to make that even more simple for users thanks to feedback we’ve received from you video makers. The quality of our service has increased even more with our newest intelligence feature. 


Enhancing or replacing your PowerPoint presentation with a mysimpleshow video is now nearly effortless. With our brand new addition, you can choose to upload a PowerPoint file instead of writing a script from scratch.

Import your PowerPoint file and use it as your script

Once the PowerPoint is imported, we’ll extract the most relevant text for you. That means you won’t be prompted to choose a storyline and write a completely new script – making the process even faster than before. You still have the option to polish up your imported text, of course.


Try out the new feature by creating a video yourself!