Using Videos for Conversational Marketing

Exploring the nature of conversational marketing

At the heart lies the customer’s experience and convenience. Conversational marketing is part of inbound marketing and a strategy used to have 1:1 personal conversation via live chats, phone calls, messenger services, emails and bots for your business to interact with the customer how, when and where they want.

conversational marketing


Putting it into practice



A successful strategy requires access to customer information which must be stored and organized to ensure flawless interaction, promote events and products organically and distribute content successfully.


Multimedia support

Videos and images can enhance and complement your conversational marketing strategy by providing tutorials, giving a personal touch and providing a medium of interest and convenience.


Conversation in its 4 layers

Conversations must happen according to customer time, which may be any time of day, allowing them to hold a conversation hen needed and pick it up exactly where they left it off. This leads to its second layer – scalability. Chatbots can become your best friend to ensure your customer’s issues are addressed immediately and answers are provided 24/7. Having context is essential to feed bots and your support team with the necessary information, making messaging convenient and helpful. Lastly the channel fro your conversation must be picked by the customer to meet their preferences.

Identifying 3 key benefits



Growing your business

In order to grow your business, you must expand your customer reach and accessibility which is facilitated by including conversational marketing strategies.


Facilitating the provision of answers

Satisfying your customer’s needs is key and solving occurring issues is the step that will get you there.


Gaining valuable insights

Engaging in conversations provides you with valuable information on each of your customer and helps you organize and store that knowledge to create more tailored marketing campaigns.


Examining 5 key elements to ensure success

success for conversational marketing

According to hubspot there are 5 things to keep in mind that will ensure the effectiveness of conversational marketing.



Knowing the person on the other end of the line or chat is key to give your customers the experience they expect and satisfy their needs. Details such as name, their preferences and needs will make the conversation more natural and allow you to explore their issues as quickly as possible.



Again customers don’t want their time to be wasted by having to explain their issue over and over again. Hence, conversations with context improve the end-user experience and allow you to identify the issue much quicker, providing the customer with valuable information and support.



When it comes to personalizing your conversation there is a thing as ‘too much’. In order to show your professional side, you should also include an element of standardization to retain consistency. Spend time analyzing your conversations to predetermine frequently asked questions and draft answers that the bots can access immediately, this ensures that conversations follow a natural order.  



Every customer wants to be heard, feel valued and most importantly understood. Conversations require empathy with the issue and the willpower to find a solution as quickly as possible.



You want to ensure that you learn from previous experiences and optimize your conversations as best you can. You want to maximize the potential of a real, one-to-one conversation tailored to the customer’s needs. This is where feedback comes in to play and should become a top priority for your conversational marketing.