Use case: fantastic marketing results for Krist insurance company

One of our latest projects demonstrates that besides explaining complex topics in a simple and entertaining way, simpleshow explainer videos make a great marketing medium.

Krist, whose insurance offerings include coverage for solar panels, was looking for a way to sum up its service in a short video. They wanted to highlight the importance of this type of insurance and show that customers can calculate their own premium and apply for their policy online.

You can see the video here (German only):

The explainer video was a resounding success. It presented Krist’s photovoltaic insurance in a crystal clear way and reached an extraordinarily large audience.

The insurance provider posted the video on YouTube, Google+ and Facebook and it has already racked up 144,000 views on YouTube alone.

And of course also had a huge impact on the company’s website. After embedding the video on their homepage, they starting receiving up to 1,000 visitors per day. They each spent an average of four minutes on the page – impressive figures for Not only did the page visits go up, but the conversion rate – or number of enquiries from visitors – rose to almost 10%.

These results went above and beyond Krist’s expectations. And Mr Krist also very much enjoyed working with us:

“The collaboration with simpleshow was, as the name implies, plain and simple. The employees recognised the essence of the subject right away and came up with great ideas for the explainer video. I was astounded at how quickly and reliably they delivered the video and each step along the way.”  Thomas Krist, Executive Director of Krist Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG

We couldn’t be more delighted about the video’s success and the excellent feedback. Of course nothing makes us happier than a happy customer.