5 Tips to Increase Motivation when Working from Home

Ever struggle to stay motivated when working from home? Ever feel like you are only working at half capacity? One of the common problems when working from home is that without a boss physically present, you have to keep yourself on track and maintain productivity. You might also be adjusting to the environment of working alone and having minimal daily interactions with colleagues as opposed to if you were in the office. Over time this can lead to a lack in motivation, and productivity levels might begin to dip. We all fall prey to this at some point, but the important thing is you address it when it begins to happen to you. Find out our 5 tips to help increase your motivation when working from home.


TIP 1: Treat your morning the same as you would when you had a commute

Wake up at the same time you would normally if you were having to commute to work. Have your breakfast,  do some light exercise to get your brain buzzing. This way by the time you are done,  you will feel alert and ready to get started on work. 

TIP 2: Change your location!

Even if you can’t leave your home, you can still switch up the scenery. Change the workspace or room within your house to break up the monotony; if you are confined to one table, change the positioning of where you sit from morning to evening, to change your day up. Everybody knows that working in the same seat day in and out can become repetitive and slow down your workload and productivity, especially when you are working alone. 

Changing small things within your environment can have the largest impact. For example, the World Green Building Council found that the quality of the air in the room can increase productivity by 11%. This can be done by adding plants to the room you are working in or even just opening a window!

5 Tips to Increase Motivation When Working From Home - Change Locations

TIP 3: Make time for healthy activity

Self-care is important, though it can be easy to forget when you are stuck in the house. As nice as a bubble bath can be in the evening, exercise increases your serotonin levels. The increase of serotonin appears to improve communication between brain cells, this lifts one’s mood and reduces the symptoms of depression. Setting alarms on your phone or computer to remind you to stand up and walk for a minute or two can increase circulation and also give your eyes a much-needed break from the computer screen.  Try to also fit in a 3-5 minute meditation either in the morning or before bedtime to help settle your brain and clear your mind. 

TIP 4: Start the day with your least favourite task

The above tip might sound strange, but by this, what I really mean is start the day with what you might be dreading on a workday. If you start the day with the worst task you have to do or one in which you are most likely to procrastinate, the hardest part of the day is behind you, and the rest of the day will be a breeze by comparison.


TIP 5: Create a schedule

5 Tips To Increase Motivation When Working From Home - Create a schedueleLastly and most importantly, create a schedule for yourself everyday. Without a structured workday, it is easy when at home for time to get away from you. Do you ever procrastinate in the morning or lose track of the time?  Work through and forget to take lunch?  You’re not the only one! By creating a schedule, you can get more accomplished and maximise your day. Establish time slots for certain tasks, even if it is time dedicated to research, read the news, or check email. Interesting fact: some of the most successful people in the world only check their email 2-3 times per day rather than refreshing their inbox and referring back all day long.

If you are able to implement a few of the above tips, hopefully, you will see an increase in your motivation and productivity when working from home. However, remember to cut yourself some slack, it is normal to have a drop in motivation when working remotely from time to time. The trick is to be aware of this, have solutions, and to remember that even if you are working remotely from home, you are not alone.  

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5 Tips to Increase Motivation When Working From HomeNatasha Swycher is a recent Business graduate, looking to pursue a career in marketing. She is currently carrying out an internship with simpleshow.