A simpleshow company building.

The simpleshow explains you…Berliiiin!

So, the race is on: the simpleshow opened its second location in Germany’s capital.

For a scheduled 6 weeks, I will be changing my working environment from the Swabian metropolis and immersing myself in the exciting Berlin spring in order to teach the incomers who will support our team from now on.

From our little bright office located directly at the Kurfürstendamm, we want to explain the topics of our international clients in a simple way. But, it is already clear, it doesn´t take a long time and we are out-growing this little office.

It is very exciting to know that we are developing a major creative squad here. The office supplies and printers are still standing around aimlessly, but at least the coffee machine is on, and the phones are already ringing off the hook.

Soon, there will be a large and motivated group there explaining the complicated world.

For example, that it is a prejudice that everyone is eating Currywurst in Berlin…