The simpleshow explains the Olympic Games

Here we go! Today, the 30th Modern Olympic Games start in London. More than 10,000 athletes from all over the world compete for the 302 gold medals. But anyway, why there are medals for winners? And when and how were the Olympic Games created in fact?

The simpleshow staff took a closer look on these questions. And we’ve found a lot of interesting stories so we decided to create a whole series of Olympic clips. The video special includes five explanatory videos and covers topics like „History“, „Curiosities“, „Doping“, „Records“ and „Medals“.

Of course, those simpleshows should not be taken too serious, but rather they should give you an understanding of curious moments in Olympic history in an entertaining manner. The online editors ofFocus Online, and liked them so much, that they have put them instantly on their websites.

But enough talk, now enjoy our simpleshow special for the Olympic Games: