Technology in the Classroom

Blackboard, chalk, fountain pen, and textbook: Speaking of what we associate with our good old school times is nowadays, well, old-school. That´s why the discussion about technology in the classroom has been on the table for years now. The usage of the Internet to research historical events, explaining photosynthesis via app, literature packed in ebooks, math problems solved with a tablet. Is technology able to improve learning achievements? Or do technical devices which are commonly connected to the Internet just tend to be procrastination stations?

According to a study on tech in classrooms, 78% of teachers believe technology has a positive impact on the learning success and the productivity of students. They also understand that if test scores don’t increase, the concentration and enthusiasm of students will.

Premise: Technology in classrooms is only as good as the teacher who is using it. Therefore, technology in the classroom that is conscientiously deployed offers lots of benefits:



Consider digital learning modules that nearly every student has on his or her tablet. Each student is able to learn at their own pace. Fast-forward, rewind, skip, or repeat – no one is depending on the progress of the whole class or the teacher’s pace anymore.



First: textbook. Second: exercise book. Remember the same old way going through learning content? No wonder we fell asleep from time to time. Now, technology in classrooms offers the chance to get creative with the imparting of knowledge: A fun app or an online game that connects all students and is based on what students love to do in their free time: have fun.



The teacher is not so much of a direct leader anymore when tech is in the classroom, but more a coach supporting the process of their students while they must take responsibility for their own improvement. And as we know as adults: Being able to take responsibility will pursue us for the rest of our lives. So it’s not too bad to learn something related early on 🙂



A teacher giving control to their students will also spread the feeling of having trust in them. This again will lead to motivation and engagement on the side of students.


Remember how we had to pack our school bags day by day? “Today I need my math material, my biology book, and my literature folder. So I’ll take out my art portfolio, my history documents, and my chemistry notes from yesterday.“ Now imagine you would just have had a tablet with everything on it. Never again would you face the danger of forgetting anything. The only thing you would have to think of: the tablet. And its charger 😉

Last but not least, there´s also something in it for educators (although all the listed benefits for students are benefits for teachers as well): With the right technology and platforms, educators are able to share their work and knowledge with each other – even worldwide – and thereby gain input and ideas for their lessons.

What do you say? Welcome to technology in classrooms? We think so!