A wizard and a rocket coming out of a book.

simpleshow – now also available as a lively children’s book

Anyone who knows the simpleshow knows that this format can explain ANYTHING. Many mothers and fathers will undoubtedly know that moment when they realise that they can’t always answer every question competently, especially when the “question bombardment phase” starts.

In cooperation with the Carlsen publishing house, we have taken a detailed look at some common questions posed by children and created four volumes in German language representing the launch of a new generation of exciting explanatory books. When it comes to the topics of Weather and Climate, the Internet, Money and Sexuality, we have not minced our words and have simply explained the most important aspects for our world question-posing champions.

The trailer (only avaible in German) gives you a taste:

The books are recommended for children aged nine and above and are available from selected bookshops and our Sellaround Shop. There, you can not only buy books, but also recommend them to friends directly. After all, even adults never stop learning.

Have fun discovering, learning and trying out!