simpleshow initiative provides new communication tools for Non-Profit Organisations and Educational Institutes

Explanatory video specialists, simpleshow is annoucing the launch of the simpleshow initiative which will provide non-profit organisations the ability to create explanatory films to communicate their mission to new audiences.

Detlev Weise, CEO of simpleshow, comments “Projects for good causes are usually dependent on the goodwill of their supporters and so these organsiations must be able to explain concerns and goals simply to encourage support. This is where the simpleshow initiative comes in. Large and medium sized companies are always exploring new ways to communicate their mission to grow effectively and we want to help organisations ensure their messages are simply and effectively carried across. We will provide support with what we are very good at: a smart and charming explanation in the form of a 3 minute clip.“

simpleshow has already provided support for the likes of the German Bundestag. Former president, Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth expressed her satisfaction by commenting: “A format like simpleshow is perfect for political education and I naturally welcome this initiative. The video about the Function of the federal election wonderfully demonstrates the composition of the German Bundestag and how the excess mandate becomes effective. A really complex topic that simpleshow makes understandable to everyone”.

simpleshow recently provided support for the School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (, a faculty of the Steinbeis University Berlin. Faculty director Birgit Galley comments: “The simpleshow not only enabled us to make our complex programmes more understandable but also to spark more interest and enthusiasm. We are delighted with the initiative and the support provided“

The explanatory video experts have more than once stated that the need for more video in communication is also present in the non-profit-sector: In the past they already produced simpleshows for non-profit organisations such as Brot für die Welt, Ashoka and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (German foundations; videos are in German).

The team at simpleshow will decide on the granting of the support on an individual basis. To take part in the “simpleshow initiative“, organisations can apply at: