simpleshow goes TV with German science series "Quarks&Co".

Many people in Germany have grown up watching the science programme Quarks&Co. produced by German television broadcaster WDR. This programme, hosted by presenter and scientist Ranga Yogeshwar, explains physical interrelationships and exciting phenomena – often based on (studio) experiments. Ranga and his team manage to present complex scientific and technical issues in a stimulating manner that is accessible to lay people but nevertheless factually and technically correct. So it was only logical to use an entertaining explanatory video by simpleshow when it came to explaining the super-material graphene.

In the most recent programme (only availble in German), our character “Mr. G” helps do the explaining. The well-known simpleshow “What is Graphene?” answers the question as to what makes this material so “super” (see also the following blog post about the allocation of the EU R&D budget). Graphene was discovered by physicists Konstantin Novoselov and André Geim, who were awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work. Both of them remain enthusiastic users of the graphene simpleshow to this day.

You can get another glimpse of “Mr. G” in action here:

Your simpleshow team!