simpleshow foundation runs workshop with Wikimedia Netherlands

Everyone uses Wikipedia. But not everyone knows that the world’s largest online encyclopaedia is written by volunteer authors. And just as few people realise that the instructive explainer videos by simpleshow foundation are likewise scripted by volunteer authors and experts. So it’s no surprise that the two organisations not only get along well, but mutually benefit from swapping skills.

After last year’s successful events in Germany and Mexico, the Wikipedians in the Netherlands extended their invitation. The Dutch team agrees that explainer videos can spread access to freely available knowledge in an entertaining and easy-to-understand format.

So Ilya and Sarah ran a simpleshow workshop on 19 March for the Wikipedians in Utrecht. The first part of the workshop was about the basic principles of a simple explanation and how to apply them to video communication. Then, in the afternoon, the Wikipedia authors grabbed their pens or keyboards and got to writing. Their goal was to work with our simpleshow trainers and develop preliminary scripts that will be transformed into simpleshow explainer videos over the coming weeks.

You can look forward to exciting simpleshows in many realms of the enormous Wikiverse, such as Wikipedia for kids, freedom of panorama, and Wiktionary, the Wiki-based dictionary.

Of course, we’ll post all of the videos on Wikipedia as well as the simpleshow foundation’s YouTube channel.
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After this fantastic trip to Utrecht, we’re very excited that our international collaboration with Wikipedia is developing so promisingly. Dank u wel, Wikimedia Nederland!

Our next stop is Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Italy. And we’ve already been invited to Belgium.:)

On that note, let’s explain the world together!

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