simpleshow foundation explains HIV and AIDS in Australia

Being informed can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to something as important as HIV and AIDS. Since its discovery in 1981 AIDS has killed millions of people worldwide, so the more people know about it the better.

That’s why the simpleshow foundation made a video explaining the origin and treatment of the immunodeficiency disease. We always set high standards of quality for the content we release to the general public, however we never dreamed that our clip about HIV and AIDS would be so highly praised by medical and healthcare professionals. Last week, Keiran Harvey, a nurse educator from Australia, asked our permission to use the video within an e-learning module for Junior Registered Nurses at “Sydney Local Health District”. The program will be part of the local learning management system and available to the entire workforce, from cleaners to clinical personal to senior executive managers.

“Thank you again for permission, and also for the explainer videos in general, they are extremely well made, concise and informative (a tough thing to do)!”
– Keiran Harvey

We’re extremely proud that our explainer videos, penned by volunteer writers (in this case Jake Schneider), are accepted around the globe and now even as far as Australia. We look forward to more collaborative global projects ahead!

Watch our foundation simpleshow about HIV and AIDS here: