simpleshow foundation explains Four Hills Tournament

Humans have an innate dream of flying – putting the ground behind them and lifting off, if only for a few seconds. When ski jumpers leap off a ramp at nearly 100 kilometres per hour (60 mph), they come incredibly close to that dream. A ski jumper is on a perpetual quest for the perfect jump, always battling interference from the wind and the weather.

The magic of ski jumping is just as captivating to watch. It’s a spectacular winter sport, and it takes place in the midst of a breathtaking snowy landscape. Even for those who could never imagine leaping off a ramp themselves, the sport’s competitions are both thrilling and suspenseful.

And more than twenty years before the Ski Jumping World Cup was organized, the storied and pre-eminent Four Hills Tournament made its début. The tournament remains the most important annual event on the ski-jumping calendar. To win it is still a massive challenge for any athlete.

So, just in time for the beginning of the tournament, simpleshow foundation presents an explainer video about the best-known ski jumping competition.

Text: Lisa-Marie