simpleshow Asia: Latest News!

You’ve probably noticed that simpleshow has been making itself at home in more and more markets. Alongside Spain, the US and Turkey, simpleshow has now made inroads farther East into Asia.

Not every product can be sold worldwide. Many businesses balk at barriers of language and culture or set up separate production facilities for another country. Not us. As always, our watchword is simplification. Our explainer video format is effective across countries and cultures, for exceptional storytelling and reduced complexity appeal to everyone. So our videos are just as compelling in Asia. Even adapting the structure and visuals of a simpleshow to Asian tastes is a breeze for our simpleshow team.

simpleshow already had its Singapore premiere a while ago (see our post about the debut project and the academy’s involvement). But the latest project departs from our classic black-and-white format. It’s a simpleshow premium: a fully animated video from our motion design studio, where customers can choose whatever colours and shapes they prefer. To suit the dynamic in Singapore, one of the world’s fastest-paced cities, the clip is quick and flashy, and of course charming as always.

And the customers found the perfect venue for their simpleshow:

Japanese vending machine 2

Normally, these vending machines dispense drinks or snacks like the ones you’d see at a train station. But they’re much higher tech than your average snack machine. It isn’t just a matter of picking something out and purchasing it. The devices are smart. Using facial recognition software, they can identify a customer’s gender and age and then automatically recommend products they might enjoy. Or even suggest a beverage to suit the weather, like a refreshing fizzy drink when it’s hot outside.

Actually, rather than snacks or drinks, the vending machines screening the simpleshow video will be selling a total of 29 different beauty, lifestyle and DIY products from Japan. That includes products like artificial nails or instant hair dye as well as traditional items like Daruma dolls or small bags.

Japanese vending machine icon

As a pilot to gauge customers’ response, three of the vending machines have been positioned so far at strategic spots in the Singapore city centre.

See the finished clip for yourselves:

Surprised? 😉

Best from the simpleshow team