simpleshow academy in Asia – A scorcher in Singapore!

After launching in Asia just last year, the simpleshow team there has recently undergone considerable expansion. Following a visit from the simpleshow academy, simpleshow Asia has now launched its very own production team!

When Kai and I arrived at Singapore airport after a twelve hour flight, the fierce tropical climate greeted us like a slap to the face. With temperatures of over 30 degrees along with 100% humidity, it felt like we’d pumped into a wall! If it hadn’t been clear beforehand, it was at this point that we realised we’d be breaking out in sweat a fair bit over the coming days of training.


Some background to the trip: simpleshow explainer videos are already being used in over 40 languages all around the world. In Asia in particular, the major markets of the future are experiencing rapid development. For this reason, it went without saying that we needed a presence here to be closer to potential customers and to give us the opportunity to react quickly to these ever-changing markets. After all, in addition to the different time zones, there are also vast cultural differences to take into account when communicating in this region.

During the initial launch of the Singapore offices, the focus at first was on a successful entrance into the market place through sales and proficient project management. The next step was the launch of the production team to work in-house from the offices own studios.

Here at simpleshow we pride ourselves on an internationally consistent quality standard and in light of this, it was imperative that the technical production processes were implemented correctly along with the adequate training of the new team members. It is the simpleshow academy’s responsibility to ensure that each and every one of its production team is well-certified.


The team from Germany had drawn up an extensive schedule for the week-long training session. This allowed me and Kai to prepare the course participants for their future duties for working at simpleshow Asia. We had already undertaken a number of training sessions prior to our trip through organising “tele-onboarding”. This allowed us to go in to more detail once in Singapore and apply commercial expertise to practical situations.

We were particularly impressed by the team’s composition, with seven different nationalities forming the team’s geographical blueprint. This diversity will surely be an advantage for the different issues we are tasked with explaining through our videos in Asia. It also reflects the diverse social structure in Singapore, where people from a whole range of backgrounds and of different religious beliefs can live and work together in harmony.


We can now look back on a truly testing week with many great outcomes. The end result was the successful certification of the first simpleshow studio on the Asian continent. We are very proud of the level of commitment shown by the simpleshow Asia team, who were such perfect hosts throughout our trip – thank you!

We’re now looking forward to our next projects and are excited to see where the simpleshow journey will take us next…

Your simpleshow team