Schleich in the studio

Parents remember them fondly and children love them as ever: miniature animals and figurines from Schleich! They not only inspire the imagination, but they guarantee safe, kid-friendly play. “Anywhere’s a playground – that’s the philosophy behind every Schleich figurine and play set,” says Schleich.

The tradition-steeped company would like their customers to see the elaborate process it takes to create each toy animal. So they turned to the explanation experts. And for our part, we wanted to keep our demonstration of how the figurines’ are created as authentic as possible, so we even made little Schleich animals ourselves in the studio.

Of course a few other steps came first. Our assignment was to show the production process’s hand-crafted precision and the uniqueness of every single figurine.

After the initial thorough consultations between simpleshow and Schleich, we sketched the techniques and drew up several drafts. A few creative brainstorms and mental maps later, the final storyboard was ready to be filmed.
And we were well equipped. So that customers/viewers could witness the time-honoured process of crafting each Schleich figurine, we were supplied with actual clay figurines for the day of the shoot. Okay, actually they started out as grey blobs, then morphed into Schliech animals step-by-step over the course of filming. In addition to our hand model, we invited a few children to help us out. The kids did their part by pouring their boundless stores of energy into the originally rather drab-looking clay, and before we knew it, an adorable Schleich panda had practically come to life before our eyes!


See the finished clip for yourselves:

Your simpleshow team

Madeleine and Biggi