mysimpleshow Classroom and the #ExplainerExperts Initiative

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mysimpleshow Classroom is here!

Help us welcome a new version of mysimpleshow – a completely free of charge subscription to for all educators!

mysimpleshow Classroom is available to anyone who has an educational background, such as teachers, students, and members of educational institutions. Once we verify your status, you can start using your Classroom!

mysimpleshow Classroom Features

 mysimpleshow Classroom 

If you have a large class, no worries! You can add up to 50 team members to your Classroom.

mysimpleshow Classroom

You also have the option to collaborate on video creation in the simplest way possible.

mysimpleshow Classroom

Last (but certainly not least) you have the freedom to use all of our creative features to make your educational videos stand out!

If you’re an educator who qualifies for a one year, free subscription for mysimpleshow Classroom, sign up here.

#ExplainerExperts Initiative 

We’ve received great feedback on Facebook and Twitter regarding mysimpleshow Classroom! Students and teachers are becoming Explainer Experts, creating magic with the tool.

To thank users for all of their feedback, we started our social media #ExplainerExperts Initiative. Each week, we feature users that share photos or tweet about their experience with mysimpleshow.

Here are a few photos of some star explainers having fun and working on communicating in a creative way!

                          mysimpleshow classroom     mysimpleshow classroom

                                                                    mysimpleshow classroom