A team meeting in front of a purple background.

Meet simpleshow at our innovation day (in Germany)

As the market leader for explanatory videos, the simpleshow team is currently presenting effective ways to innovate and simplify communication at a number of ‘ innovation days’ across the country!

Over the past few weeks, the simpleshow team has been touring Germany. We want to show our customers and other interested parties what makes us the experts in simplification. It gives our customers the opportunity to explain how their simpleshow video was utilised and why it was such a success. The team also talks about what goes on behind the scenes and what simpleshow will bring in the future to make understanding easy.

A team of employees.The first stop this year was Hamburg, where many people were keen to learn more about the people behind the hands. As a project manager and supervisor in conception I was able to give my take on what life is like at simpleshow and explain the steps we take to produce a finished simpleshow. I explained which members of the team are involved at which stage in the process and how by working as a close-knit team we are able to achieve great results. As is the case with every start up business we have also had to learn quickly. At times it can be a challenge to become an established business, but we’ve learned from our mistakes and are now the experts when it comes to producing video for internal and external communication!

After the presentations we hosted an open forum discussion, giving the attendees the chance to ask questions. One question asked was “what happens when one project is really complicated or things don’t go as planned?”. As an experienced project manager I was able to explain that even when working towards tight deadlines and having to manage multiple productions, we have the experience and expertise to remain calm, stay focused and ensure that the world class quality of the videos we produce is upheld at all times.

All in all it was a really successful day- for me, the rest of the team and for all those who attended.

And we’re still on the road: on the 26th of September we are in Dusseldorf and invite you to join us there for the next simpleshow innovation day!

Greetings from the team (Sarah)