Maximise the reach of your explainer video

There’s no doubt about it, content marketing strategies are forever increasing in popularity and the rewards for getting it right are plentiful. As a result, the need to adapt and find new methods of distributing content is now considered to be of fundamental importance. A simpleshow explainer video is the perfect way to add some juice to your strategy, making your marketing mightier and your message more impactful!
So, I hear you ask. How can I amalgamate an explainer video into a content marketing campaign? It’s quite simple; we’ll talk you through it. First and foremost, it’s essential to realise that your video needs to be distributed in such a way that it ensures your message is seen and understood by the widest possible audience. But how can I set the stage to give the video the best chance of reaching my target audience? Well, we’ve come up with the following tips to help make your explainer video a success.

1. Use your website as your home base
If the video is being hosted on a website, it’s imperative that you’re using the site to its maximum potential to give your video the best chance of being found and clicked on. One way is to create a click impulse amongst visitors to enable them to be drawn to the video within just seconds of landing on the website. Additionally, it’s worth providing your visitors with plenty of supporting information in an optimised format so that, along with your video, it’s easily found through search.
2. Go Viral

Never underestimate the power of social media. Your audience is already there, you can bet on that! We recommend you share your explainer video on big social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter to give it’s messaging an evern better chance of being noticed. You can utilise each of the sites to upload your simpleshow free-of-charge and send updates about it on a regular basis. For the advanced: Once that’s done you can set about targeting the so-called influencers in the hope of gaining useful re-tweets, likes and shares. If necessary, hook the video up with a corresponding news feature containing similar content, this should add substance and give viewers the chance to learn a bit more about the concept or topic you’re trying to address. The video should also be tagged correctly; use relevant keywords in your description and meta data to give it the best potential for being found through search.
3. Mobile is Mustard

In 2012 it was measured that 53% of all internet traffic was mobile. Therefore we’d suggest to make sure your moving image content is accessible on all types of mobile device. As we say here at simpleshow, our world is getting faster and our time more precious, therefore it has become necessary for people to email, watch and interactive whilst on the move. Making content accessible on mobile devices is referred to by the tech-sperts as “Responsive Web Design“ and is an essential element to consider when implementing your video’s distribution plan.
4. Let the Video do the Talking

From the very first minute of being on a website, visitors are seeking out rapidly available information. So, why not make clicking on your video their first port of call? It is estimated that time on site is likely to be 67.5% higher for those sites with a video compared to those without. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. People like to watch videos and often find it easier and more enjoyable to digest information through watchable content, as opposed to scrolling through hoards of text. But don’t just leave it there. Looking back at point 2; by linking the video to social media plugins you can offer visitors ample opportunity to share, like and recommend the video, potentially increasing its reach even further.
5. Don’t Play Hard to Get

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays key role and you need to get it right! By creating an easy-to-reach microsite or landing page where your video can sit, you can drive visitor traffic directly to your video. In addition to the more obvious tagging exercises such as, the title and description tags, you can also include a transcript of the clip within your source code, along with any other information concerning the given subject, which again will encourage clickthrough and direct traffic your way. But the video’s just the tip of the iceberg.
As a way to intrigue visitors further, you should offer links to a signature list or to partner websites to illustrate your messaging from a different point of view and as way of enticing people to read on. So, don’t play hide and seek, stand out from the crowd and be easy to find.
Now you’re set. Let’s make your simleshow go viral!
Your simpleshow team