6 Steps to Lead a Small But Effective Team

tips to leadSpearheading a team of individuals with different personalities can be straining on anyone’s part. Even the best and naturally born leaders struggle with handling a team. This is why it’s important to hire the right people. To lead a small and effective team, it is important not to fill your team with the wrong individuals. Getting the right staff on board is one of the most crucial steps in leading an effective team. Always remember that when hiring people, it should always be a balance of personality and skill. If you get skilled people working for you who don’t have the proper outlook, your team will be the perfect mix of disaster. So make sure to hire people with both skill and the right attitude.


Have a team that is composed of people with similar values as yours

As a leader, you will be handling multiple individuals with a variety of personalities. It is highly essential that you somehow touch base and get along with them. The team members should have your core values with this way working with them would be easier.

Hiring people with your values already instilled in them makes training them a lot easier and quicker.


Organize team-building campaigns

team building to leadAfter getting the right people on board, it is important that you bond as a team. Having a bond makes it easier to work together through anything. This also allows you to build relationships and friendships. Not only will this result to easily working together but it will also give your staff more reason to work. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a team that one can also be friends with. Having friendship and teamwork as the foundation will do wonders. You can organize games, dinners, and outdoor activities to build your relationship as a team. Even if you are handling a team that isn’t too big, it is still important that you organize activities that strengthen your bond.




Be an advisor to everyone on the team

The team sees you as the head of the pack. You’re the go-to person for all the questions. This is why it’s highly important that you be an advisor to them. Listen to what they have to say and give out reasonable solutions. It is also important that you provide them with the appropriate feedback. People trust in your authority as a leader, this is why you have to be patient. Answering all their questions might not be easy but it’ll be worth it. You are training your team to be more effective and efficient. This will lead to more positive and better outcomes for your organization.


Be strict and firm; always remind them of the rules

It is no secret that almost every team has a black sheep. These are the people who tend to need more guidance and support. This is why leaders should always be firm – particularly with the rules. If you have set a standard for the team, see to it that they follow through. These rules and regulations were given for a purpose, make sure that your team understands that. Knowing what the set rules are for will make following them easier. Make sure to also be firm in the consequences you give when these rules are not followed. Make them realize that breaking the rules will lead the team and them individually to no good.


Make developing decisions for your organization

One tough aspect of being a leader is decision making. When leading a small or big team, weighing your decisions thoroughly is very essential. As the head, you have to make decisions for the betterment of your organization first – above everything else. You have to make decisions in marketing your services or products. What to do and what not to do. Where to invest and when. Remember, the decisions you make as a leader can and will affect not only your team but the whole organization. Be wise, always go for the development of your organization as a whole.


Take advantage of tools that help you improve your team

tools for employersThere are all sorts of tools for many aspects of your organizational life that help you manage your team. For example,  there is a Management 4.0 article for using global digital approaches to master the 4th industrial revolution. In addition, explainer videos will help you be informed on how to manage teams effectively. Answers can be found in many software, tutorials, and other online tools for the usual questions you will be asking yourself. Decision making is tough on anyone. Fortunately, our current technology has tons of tools to make it easier for us to make decisions. For instance, you have email service providers to help you organize your email lists , such as ConvertKit review and tutorials. You have hosting services that will help you build and create a site fit for your brand. Yes, getting along with the right staff will help. But now we also have systems and tools to organize and analyze all the data that makes our life easier. This way you will only need to check the results and then base your decisions there.


About the author Lidia Hovhan:

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