Laptop wearing graduation hat displaying a video player with a mouse cursor pointed at it.

Knowledge makes the difference: the simpleshow academy

Time and again, we are asked by customers how we are able to explain their complex issues in just three minutes, despite not being experts in their field. Ironically, this is not so much a hindrance as an advantage in our work. Why? Because being distanced from an issue, makes it easier to identify what information is important, and what isn’t. In short we are experts in the simplification of fields which our customers have expertise in. The simpleshow academy plays an important role in this concept.

Our service lies largely in reducing complexity, i.e. in analysing information and simplifying it for a specific target audience. Here, the format of the paper placement trick, which has been decisively shaped by simpleshow since 2008, is the medium we use to present most of our explanation videos. The deliberately simple design of the clips should not hide the fact that our concept team ensures that a great deal of thought and care goes into every simpleshow.
This makes comprehensive staff training all the more important. To this end, several years ago, we created the simpleshow academy, which looks after the recruitment and training of our international team. As such, simpleshow authors go through a rigorous selection process and receive continuous training in the areas of text and visualisation.
Our know-how is based on research and experience. From the outset, we have examined the learning effect of the simpleshow with the aid of scientific findings, allowing us to optimise our format accordingly. The experience to do this comes from the completion of thousands of productions for customers in all industries worldwide.
Quality and customer satisfaction with simpleshow are therefore no accident but rather the result of our persistent and innovative work in recent years – including the continuous development of the simpleshow academy.