Kick off workshop for university students

Financial repression is a term that not all too many people are familiar with. However, we wouldn’t be the simpleshow if we couldn’t explain this complex topic simply. We – being this time the students of University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. The chair in Communications offers the “Keep it simple” workshop every semester as a cooperation between simpleshow GmbH and the university. The students can expand their knowledge in the scope of the key competencies programme in the field of communication studies and journalism.
The kick-off meeting started with an explanation of the basics of the simpleshow production process including which concepts need to be taken into consideration, how important the hand actions are for the listener and the fact that simpleshows have even been produced in Hebrew.
In the following weeks, the students start by analysing the topic in detail and then with the help of Sarah, our conceptual designer supervisor, learn how to explain it simply and comprehensively. The final result will be a simpleshow true to the motto “keep it simple”. Stay tuned – as the result will have to follow in the coming months.
Your simpleshow team