Introduce Coding with Video

Did you know that it took only three people to create YouTube? And guess what…they were coders. Coders, programmers, software engineers, developers; there are many names for someone producing code. But what is code, and how can one learn to code using video? Code is all around us, whether we are surfing the Internet, swiping our credit card, or simply driving a car. All the examples use lines of code to fulfill their task.

But how do we code? Let’s think about code in form of a recipe. If we want to make something tasty, we will have to follow step by step instructions and use the right ingredients to be successful. Coding does exactly that. It is a set of instructions or rules that the computer can understand and transform. Just think about mysimpleshow and its creation. Without code, none of these videos could be made.



Learning How to Code

The importance of code is everywhere – it’s necessary in the digital age. Realizing that we may ask ourselves why it is not yet implemented in school curricula as it seems just as relevant as math or any other subject…well let’s go with we are ‘still in the process.’

However, we should take a closer look at some aspects of coding and reveal some interesting facts to learn how to code.


Coding Languages

The first step is to understand that code is like a language that people have to learn in order to speak it. There is a variety of coding languages that are used for different purposes.

Computers run on binary code, which is written in ones (1) and zeros (0), and often difficult to understand for the human mind. Fortunately, similar to our capabilities, a computer can understand a variety of languages, so it can translate our instructions into binary.

There are two forms of language for coding: low level and high level. Low level coding resembles binary more closely and is used for the oldest programming language referred to as ‘C’, which is used for heavy-graphics applications, such as creating games. High level facilitates coding, and therefore most programming languages are high level languages. A very common one is Javascript, which is text-based, written in HTML style, and often used for creating interactive web pages.

Many people would probably be lost without Instagram or Pinterest nowadays, and the language used there is Python. Thanks to the use of common expressions and words, it is considered to be one of the easier languages to learn.

Let’s not forget the language that runs on 3 billion mobile phones. One of the most popular programming languages is Java: it is run on 89% of desktop computers in the US. There are several other languages, but fortunately many share some basic features. Coding video may require different programming languages depending on its purpose, depths, and aspect; however, Java is always a good place to start regarding learning code. The Internet is full of resources that are free or affordable. The organization code has introduced the ‘Hour of Code’ as a means to introduce code to children of any grade and assist teachers.


Introducing Coding with Video

An explainer video is just like a recipe that you can follow to understand a concept, an idea, or a tool. Therefore, this serves the needs of coding perfectly. Big platforms like the one mentioned above use instructional code videos for the individual steps to be introduced, making it easy for young children and people of all ages to learn how to code. Using visuals, everyone can follow instructions and make their way into coding.

You can even create your own videos to introduce coding to any audience or purpose you wish by using mysimpleshow. Without code, none of these tools would be available, so make use of them, create coding videos, and help everyone become a part of this thriving community that will only gain importance in the years to come.