Improve Your LMS with Explainer Videos for Training

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Education and training for business must constantly overcome organizational shifts and adapt to change due to the introduction of new technology and systems management, like LMS hosts. To welcome change and innovation, training requires learners to adapt as well as exploration and improvement of the systems that enable us to learn. Videos are the simplest and most prominent way to take learner preferences into account while catering to everyone’s needs and incorporating digital resources.

While explainer videos are also used more frequently by companies for brand awareness or marketing purposes, Learning Management Systems use videos for their educational purposes. Videos are used to showcase the effect and benefits of the solutions for the learner. The main driver for success lies within the visual support that helps keep things in mind.

Improve Your LMS with Explainer Videos for Trainingimprove your LMS with explainer videos for training


As a multi faceted medium, explainer videos cannot only be used for various topics to explain and explore. Moreover, they can serve as guidance systems to structure your approach, provide feedback and engage the learner.

So let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why explainer videos improve your LMS!

Topic Introductions

Short introductions are key to establish common ground and ensure the basics for learning to occur. In reality, it means that the learners are impacted by the length of a video. To introduce a topic it is therefore easier to provide a quick 2 minute overview to give information in chunks that will spark interest and keep the learners in the loop.

Digital Storytelling

There is no doubt that videos enhance interactions and facilitate communication. Explainer videos can now bridge the information gap and provide specific information in a comprehensible manner. This means learners are engaged through digital storytelling and problems are described and addressed within minutes. By using multiple senses, a greater spectrum of the brain is engaged in the learning.

Simplicity vs. Complexity

improve your LMS with explainer videos for training

This brings us to the next benefit, the simplicity. While videos in general may be complex and offer lots of information, mysimpleshow explainer videos provide a limited amount of information based on scientific research, forcing the creator to focus on the main message and explaining it as simple as possible.

Symbols Enhance Retention

While videos often struggle to avoid distraction like background noise, colors and other stimuli, mysimpleshow uses an illustration method using hands to bring in black and white images. This keeps the focus on the key message and reduces distractions. Symbols are more likely to remain in the memory than animated sequences. The brain is encouraged to make connections facilitating the retention and recall process.

Customized Videos

By following a template, it is possible to make customized LMS videos that require no adaptions or compromises. Depending on your field and learner or employee, you can maximize your LMS potential by using wording, images and stories that are designed for your team or learners individually.