Hottest Tech Trends in 2019

In 2019 pioneering technologies are no longer wishful thinking. On the contrary, innovative technologies and AI are becoming everyday reality! Machine learning, robots, and immersive technology are beginning to deliver. And even the layman is beginning to get to grips with these technologies. Tech Trends of 2019 will transform how we live and work!



trends in roboticTech trends for 2019 include an increased use of robotic automation in our everyday lives – whether at home or at work. With the help of automation, we can be relieved of some repetitive tasks and be far more effective in doing those tasks that technology cannot assist us with (yet). Technology makes it possible for machines to complete tasks on our behalf, while also “learning” from repeated interactions. Thanks to robotic automation tasks that are dangerous or tedious are taken off our hands. Robots do these tasks more accurately and much faster than humans! Robots are increasingly employed and are more common. They can now even patrol parking lots or outdoor areas as guards, reading license plates, collecting data, and even preventing crime by reporting suspicious activity! Whether it is a convenient device at home or an industrial application, robotic automation is a key trend in 2019… and beyond.


Artificial Intelligence

trends in KIThe term “artificial intelligence” or AI, is no longer as foreign to some as it once was. In 2019 the ability of a computer or a machine to think and learn is becoming even more sophisticated. The more computers and machines are 1) exposed to information and 2) analyzing data, the smarter they become. Consequently, AI is employed in a wide variety of fields to enhance autonomy – from autonomous machinery used in factories and farms to smart drones and vehicles that are operated by humans. AI is definitely a hot tech trend in 2019!


Augmented analytics

Augmented analytics is yet another hot tech trend for 2019 that can help overcome data handling. Augmented analytics tools automatically identify data patterns to assist data analysis. And so data and analytics capabilities keep improving as automated algorithms are being used more and more to transform businesses with machine learning.


Immersive technology

Immersive technologies (another hot trend for 2019) include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). In 2019 Immersive technologies are becoming more pronounced and sophisticated.



Augmented Reality enhances objects that we know in the real world with computer generated perceptions. This can be across multiple sensories – visual, auditory, touch, and even smell! Virtual reality involves computer-generated simulation with three-dimensional imagery that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way. This often also involves special electronic equipment (e.g. a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors). Mixed Reality combines VR and AR, so that physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

2019 sees immersive technologies increasingly being used in various fields. Art and entertainment have fun with it. Commerce makes profits from it. Education enhances training and learning from it. This tech trend will be seen more and more in 2019.



system of trendsBlockchain-based platforms are rapidly starting to direct tech trends. More are considering how their companies can benefit from this technology. Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger with irrevocable transaction records. The information is shared by all participants in the network. 2019 will see blockchain being applied to a wide variety of fields. Finance (to start with), but also governments, healthcare and manufacturing will increasingly explore how blockchain technology may be used to provide secure sharing of data. (Blockchain provides a secure system for recording and verifying transactions. It can be used for the storing of valuable records, like personal data, with a secure system.) In 2019 blockchain will increasingly provide ways to deliver identity management. The high levels of encryption and dispersed data in distributed ledgers enhances cyber safety.


2019 will be characterized by more smart devices and more digital services. Technology trends are continually changing, improving and widely recognized. Technologies that utilize AI and robotics are becoming more accessible and also cheaper. An improved understanding of these technologies means that they have become hot trends in 2019.