Honoring the “King of Pop“: how did it all begin?

Even if you define your musical taste as “alternative“, singers like Lady Gaga or David Bowie are most likely no strangers to you. Modern pop music is nowadays at its peak, making it quite easy to reach – starting from an opened car window on the street, at the local kiosk and even at your hairdresser! It is inevitable – pop is here to rule the world.

Only a decade ago, one pop superstar was first breaking the musical charts and causing a mass euphoria with its every single move. A singer, visioner and dancer, Michael Jackson’s revolutionary approach to music expanded in many other directions. He was making art, started using the media as a tool, aiming social change and producing hits as if it was a piece of a cake. The crowds were moved by his whole personality, giving him the title of “The King of Pop“, which he still keeps even 7 years after his death.

The simpleshow foundation was wondering why? What made him so special? Take a brief journey through a controversial life of an icon with a simpleshow explainer video!