Goal-line technology stirs far-reaching debate in football circles

The heart of every soccer fan beats faster when his team scores a goal. But nothing gets his pulse racing like a goal that’s disallowed! It’s an outrage! Ever since the legendary “Wembley goal” that may not have been was nonetheless awarded during the 1966 World Cup Final, the possibility of using technology to verify that the ball has crossed the line has been hotly debated across the globe.

Following the Euro 2012 encounter between England and Ukraine, and the disallowed goal in Donetsk, the topic has resurfaced at FIFA, the world football association. On 5 July 2012, FIFA gave the green light to the quality programme for goal-line technology (GLT). The new goal-line technology helps referees make the right decision.

Watch this simpleshow to see how the FIFA quality programme for goal-line technology works.

We hope you enjoy every moment of your team’s games.

And according to Diego Maradona: “There are hundreds of Beckhams playing football all over the world”. We look forward to many fantastic goals in the upcoming football season.