Case Study: mysimpleshow Collaborates with FIU and Miami Ad School

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From August to December 2017, our Miami-based Content Marketing Manager Emily Cleary conducted a mysimpleshow marketing research study in collaboration with Florida International University (FIU) and Miami Ad School.

Working with undergraduate FIU marketing students and creative Miami Ad School graduate students was a thrilling and beneficial learning experience for both parties. Under the direction of experienced Professor Grizelle De Los Reyes, a group of 36 students from both schools worked together to provide us with an integrated marketing strategy and media plan for mysimpleshow. 20 FIU undergraduate students in an Account Planning class (ADV 4601, Fall 2017) completed the project research, and 16 Miami Ad School graduate students in a Creative Strategy class (ADV 6805, Fall 2017) provided creative study FIU Miami Ad School

Initially, there were 2 business-focused teams of 5 undergraduate and 4 graduate students each, and 2 education-focused teams of 5 undergraduate and 4 graduate students each. Towards the end of the research, the business teams merged to become one large team of 10 undergraduate and 8 graduate students, and the two education teams did the same. The undergraduate account planners completed all of the research and then briefed the graduate students, so they could produce their creative work.

Our aim in this partnership was to better understand why and how people use mysimpleshow in order to cater to our users in the best way possible. To complete our goal, two briefings were held to fully present mysimpleshow and our strategy to the students, and to answer any questions asked. To complete the research throughout the fall semester, two groups of 10 students each completed a total of 100 surveys conducted on their own along with 75 surveys completed by current mysimpleshow users. They also completed a total of 50 qualitative interviews through either a focus group with multiple participants, or one-on-one interviews where interviewees interacted with the platform. Two expert professionals for the business group and 2 expert professionals for the education group were also interviewed, and each expert used the platform to test it out and provide their feedback.

case study FIU Miami Ad School

The students analyzed and coded the survey and interview results to provide suggestions on how to improve the tool. Once the Fall 2017 term came to an end, the students presented their final qualitative and quantitative findings and research-based suggestions to Emily. Their findings were quite valuable, and we plan on implementing some of the suggestions in our marketing strategy.

This research project will resume in January 2018 and terminate by May 2018. Be on the lookout for updates!