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Brushing up your first aid knowledge is really easy now the German Red Cross (DRK) and simpleshow have developed the online learning module “Become a First Aid Hero.” The key first aid emergency measures are explained in the modern form of an explanatory video.

Berlin/Stuttgart, April 3, 2013. As DRK Secretary-General Clemens Graf von Waldburg-Zeil says, “We know from a current DRK and ADAC survey that two out of three Germans are unable to provide effective first aid in the event of an accident. We would like to change that. The online first aid taster course is a very fresh and pleasant step in this direction.”

In four short, playful, and easy-to-understand film stories, users acquaint themselves with the H.E.R.O. model. The initials stand for “Help & Call for Assistance,” “Encourage and Comfort,” “Revival Vital Functions,” and “Organise a Blanket.” To qualify as a hero, the user must answer quiz questions correctly after each video. The interactive film is available in German, English, and Spanish – and can be shared in social media or embedded within websites.

The learning module is not intended to replace regular first aid courses but to encourage people to attend a course. By using the postcode search function they can find a course that is available close to where they live. The DRK recommends taking a first aid refresher course every five years.

The online course was developed as a part of the “simpleshow initiative” launched by the Stuttgart-based company to help charitable organizations to explain their concerns in a modern and pleasant way. “Our know-how in storytelling and reducing complexity enables us to teach a great deal of knowledge in just a few minutes. We were especially keen to collaborate with the DRK and offer our assistance with this important subject,” says simpleshow GmbH CEO Detlev Weise.

The DRK is the largest provider in its field with 14,000 voluntary instructors who train around 1.3 million people a year in first aid. simpleshow GmbH is specialized in producing videos to explain complex facts.

The course is available at and

About the German Red Cross

The German Red Cross (DRK) with around 3.5 million members and around 400,000 voluntary and 140,000 full-time employees is one of the largest and most powerful aid organizations in Europe as well as being part of a unique international movement with around 100 million members in 188 countries. The DRK’s 14,000 voluntary instructors train around 1.3 million people a year in first aid, making it the largest provider in this field.

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About simpleshow

simpleshow GmbH is the market leader for explanatory videos. Since it was founded in 2008 the company has produced several thousand videos for around 500 clients around the world, including global players such as Microsoft, eBay, Mercedes-Benz, and E.ON. simpleshow made a name for itself with the paper-cut out technique that it has pioneered over the last 5 years. The company now provides explanatory videos in different formats that explain complex issues in a few minutes. Words and images are optimally matched to deliver the message through emotional storytelling. An in-house academy ensures thorough training of all team members. simpleshow is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Its approximately 100 employees also work at offices in Berlin, New York, Singapore, and London.

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