Using Explainer Videos in Programmatic Ad Campaigns

Whether its curiosity, marketing research, or general interest, the digital evolution is fascinating and changing as rapidly as the market emerged. From digital advertisement campaigns, we are now moving towards more automated, real-time ads that are taking over the market. The fast pacing world of advertisement makes previously used online campaigns look old and encourages using new tools and strategies like programmatic ad campaigns.

What Are Programmatic Ad Campaigns?

Simply stated: programmatic ad campaigns involve automated bidding on ads in real time with a predefined target group for a specific context and a set budget. It’s using bots to buy space on websites that are chosen according to prerequisites. It’s helpful to think of it as a software that increases conversion rates and lowers the cost per acquisition as your ads become more targeted. The process itself is simple. After you identify your ideal client profile by providing detailed information on your target audience, the program takes the data to an “auction” or real-time bidding for your display. The ad with the highest bid wins and gets shown on the website. The process happens within the time it takes the website to load.

Why Choose Programmatic Ad Campaigns?

  • Target accuracy

Advertising campaigns always include target group research, yet are limited to a broader audience. Programmatic ads, in contrast, can place ads targeted to the individual accessing the site. Therefore, that individual is more likely to engage with the ad. It uses behavioral data, creating the ability to display the ideal video ad which increases the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Adjustments

Forget long meetings and the re-working of campaigns. Programmatic ads allow for fast changes in your target group parameters, saving you time and money.

  • Automation

Instead of negotiating prices in advance or communicating extensively to build a relationship with the sales team, programmatic ads allow you to pre-set a budget and essentially let the algorithms do the work for you.

  • Transparency

To ensure the quality, the ads are monitored and provide full reports for you to analyze and improve your campaigns. It uses the data and communication between machines to provide solid evidence of its effectiveness.

Using Explainer Videos in Programmatic Ad Campaigns

Using Explainer Videos in Programmatic Ad Campaigns

Videos can be integrated as in-stream videos, like the ads you encounter when watching a video on YouTube. Videos can also be out-stream, those that are shown on the website you are browsing through.

  • The Ideal Placement

In order to have a successful video, it is important to consider its placement. Think about the type of video you are creating in alignment with its placement. A video that pops up in a YouTube click will differ from the one you show in an online article.

  • Time

Make sure your video is short and to the point. Keep in mind it is an ad that aims to spark interest and grab attention.

  • Stand Out

In times of over stimulation and massive amounts of ads, you want to make sure your video stands out, creates an emotional connection, uses humor and entertains the audience – raising awareness of your brand.

How to Ensure Effectiveness

  • The Human Touch

Human investment is crucial for the campaign to become a success and counteract the danger of losing the personal touch. Using skilled people on your team for planning, controlling and optimizing your buying will do the trick.

  • Ensuring Security

Fraud is possibly the greatest danger that runs along these ads and thus requires additional attention. Besides your personal effort, digital advertising will likewise become more sophisticated and greater measures to protect it from fraud will emerge.