How to explain complex topics using simplification

Do you find it hard to explain a complex topic to someone? It is actually very easy! It can be overwhelming to introduce complex topics in a way that is understandable. Gone are the days of teaching confusing topics in hard-to-explain formats. Here are some ways you can use simplification on your complex issues to simplify your message and improve your L&D strategies. 


Simplification is key

Simplification is the key to success!

Complex topics do not need to be lengthy to learn, and here’s why! In today’s day and age, the average attention span is 7 seconds long– that’s less than a goldfish! To combat losing your audience’s attention, simplifying your topic into a few minutes instead of a few hours increases their engagement and information retention. Whether it’s in the classroom or in the workplace, simplification will save you time and is more effective for your viewers to remember.  If there is a lot to explain, consider splitting up your material into short sessions with engaging content. This way, you won’t lose time re-explaining topics and lose productivity by having a disconnected audience. 


Consider moving to a different format

Simplification is an art form and our illustrators already mastered it. If you are explaining a hard topic in a format that is difficult to pick up, most likely your audience will not remember or grasp the concepts that are being taught. Long powerpoints can drag down attention and highlight information that is not relevant. Emails are likely skimmed over and stem away from visual learners. Simply, an explainer video captures people’s attention with visuals and makes it easier for viewers to follow along. simpleshow has the power of explanation- creating short explainer videos for just about any topic. simpleshow’s team of illustrators work to ensure each message is personalized into an easy-to-understand format for their audience. 


What’s next?

Taking these steps to simplify your message is extremely effective in clearly breaking down complex ideas and boosting the attention of your audience. It allows viewers to tune in to the essential content without crowding it with extraneous information. If your product or service is a little complex to understand, you can use whiteboard animation to create a simplified yet very clear explanation. It’s that simple!