First aid.

Everyone knows how to give first aid, right?

Everyone knows how to give first aid, right?
It’s been a long time since that first aid course at driving school and the thought of making a mistake is quite frightening. You know the feeling, too?
According to a study from ADAC and DRK (German Red Cross) around 2/3 of German drivers trust themselves to administer first aid but only around 1/3 know the most important, lifesaving emergency measures. Thus: theoretical knowledge, yes – practical ability, not so much.
The lack of knowledge can have fatal consequences, as the first few minutes after an accident frequently decide between life and death.
The scenario: basic knowledge exists, refreshment urgently required! We at simpleshow have also given this some thought and can make our contribution to this with the interactive “First Aid” learning nugget. The short film units with subsequent quiz refresh what was learned and make it child’s play to easily become a first aid H.E.R.O.!
Just give it a try!