E-Learning with simpleshow: When explainer videos go interactive…

We’ve all been there: you try to soak in a topic that’s drier than the desert and keep catching your mind drifting elsewhere, away from the matter at hand.

And our explainer videos are great at handling that exact situation. With a simple explanation and visual storytelling, they communicate complex (and dry) topics so that they actually stick.
But is there any way to measure how much of the content the viewer understood?

To check how successfully an explainer video has actually conveyed information, we developed simpleshow interactive. Here’s the principle. The viewers watch a video and then answer questions. The formats – quiz, matching, multiple choice or drag and drop – vary to keep learners on their toes and having fun. 🙂


Learning – wherever, whenever

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the growing modern demand for work to be flexibly scheduled and location-independent. simpleshow interactive is ideal for mobile learning. Thanks to compatibility with all browsers and devices, the modules are available any time and anywhere.

Implementation with a strong partner

A few years ago, our partnership with Adobe began with an explainer video about the Creative Cloud, which we put together for them. Over and over, we found commonalities and areas where one team could learn from the other’s experiences in everything from product development to marketing.

So when it came to simpleshow interactive, we returned to Adobe to implement it with the Adobe Captivate system.
Now, with simpleshow interactive, our explainer videos are becoming the perfect e-learning experience.
Or as Uli Isermeyer, Senior Business Development Manager at Adobe Germany, put it: “The simpleshow approach to e-learning is unique worldwide.”

For more information about the collaboration between simpleshow and Adobe, see the customer story here.